Friday, January 16, 2009

Sanctification through child rearing (not child bearing on my part)

6 weeks and counting. Time flies by fast.
God uses many things in my life to sanctify my soul. This little one will be a life long tool used by God to effect that process in my life. Already, I understand more what God means when He tells us that He loves us as our Father. And I've begun to understand the Gospel of grace a little bit more as I try to calm her at 3am and she just won't listen (sounds familiar). I'm sure God has much more in store for me and my wife as our children grow up. Just like only a surfer knows the feeling so it goes with fatherhood.

Humility Actualized

Ray Ortlund is one of my favorite pastors because he offers up an example of humility and gracious wisdom that is rare in our day. From his blog Christ is Deeper Still, he offers up daily doses of that wisdom that he has garnered from years of pastoral ministry. Recently he and his church joined the Acts 29 Network of church planters. They say that church planting is a young man's work and most of the people within the network probably look to men like Ray Ortlund for wisdom and advice. But in this recent post he lists some reasons why he has decided to join. It shows the humility in his heart and says a lot about the network, their mission and the wisdom with which they try to accomplish that mission.

Check it out here: