Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lasting Joy vs. Circumstantial Happiness

As a youth pastor I get the privilege of preaching and exampling God's word to high school students almost every weekend, sometimes during our midweek services and throughout the week in personal conversations.

One thing that God has laid on my heart for the people that I get to shepherd is to constantly attack the idols in their lives (and in mine as well) with the truth of God's word. The things that they have built up to stand as their sources of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and comfort.

I stumbled upon this guy Albert Martin who makes some amazing videos. This one in particular communicates so clearly what I try to articulate (sometimes unsuccessfully) every week. The idea of Lasting Joy vs Circumstantial Happiness.

Check it out.

Lasting Joy vs. Circumstantial Happiness from Albert Martin on Vimeo.