Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lets not be so quick to celebrate...

Tonight Kris Allen won American Idol in front of millions of people. He was the underdog in the competition. His range and vocal capabilities were no where near his opponent Adam Lambert but he had obvious charisma and humility. In fact when he won he was speechless because he had absolutely nothing prepared. The only thing he said was "I don't know what to say. Adam deserves this." Even in victory he still believed that Adam should have won.

As my wife and I watched it was kind of bittersweet for us because, although We wanted Kris to win, we also feared for his heart and his marriage. From this point on their lives are changed forever. And with enough money and fame, a humble heart can quickly turn haughty and arrogant. And on top of that anything they want will be available to them which quickly leads to idolatry of things.

I fear that Kris, if he hasn't already, will ironically fall into idolatry of fame and popularity. The same idolatry that pastors can fall into when they are praised too much and made much of. God has given him a talent for music and influence. I pray that he will one day see Christ as worthy enough to divert all the praise for himself to Him.

Lets congratulate but let's also pray for his heart and his marriage. That he would remain humble and that Christ would take root as the foundation of their relationship.