Monday, December 7, 2009

Tri-perspectival Leadership

A while ago, I had an opportunity to teach our intern cohort at our church the paradigm of Tri-Perspectival Leadership. There has been much written about this subject already.

Pastors David Fairchild and Drew Goodmanson of Kaleo Church, along with others in the Acts 29 Network, have done some work to extrapolate the theological foundations laid by Dr. John Frame and Vern Poythress into this leadership paradigm.

In attempting to teach it to our cohort I created a visual representation of one of their talks explaining this very helpful paradigm. This way of thinking has greatly informed all aspects of my ministry especially counseling, correction and preaching.

I pray that this chart along with the talks and articles will benefit yours as well.

Here are the links to the various resources:

Chart (via

Acts 29 Talks:
1. Prophet, Priest, and King
2. Triperspectival Leadership

Online Articles:
1. Drew Goodmanson
2. John Frame (primer)

addition added on 1/8/10

Also for those involved in teaching and preaching here is a great resource from Tim Keller and Ed Clowney. They taught a 1 week intensive course on Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World.

It is pretty much an intensive class on Christocentric preaching from all of scipture. Really good but really dense material here.

iTunes download link
Accompanying 189 page pdf (that is not a typo...189 8.5"x11" pages)


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